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Mar 23

What Shit My New Yorker Cartoons Is

SMNYC details the good and bad about New Yorker cartoons, which we feel are woefully unspoken about, in an Emperor’s New Clothes sort of way. The New Yorker editors have a smug sort of pride about their own cartoons which is basically undeserved. (witness their hosting of meet-the-cartoonist events, and the promotion they put into their cartoons: the cartoon bank, farming them out to advertisers, etc.) (Many of the cartoonists have a better idea: printing their rejections.)
There are good cartoons in there, and they do have good cartoonists in there, but on the whole, their editorial policy at present veers towards pleasing rather than compelling, chuckle-worthy rather than funny. They applaud their own life-styles. And the cartoonists, maybe because of the machine-like nature which drives them to bring in 10 cartoons a week to beg at the editors of one of only 2  or 3 markets (Parade being another that comes to mind, but of course that is much more middle-brow) that pays well for single-panel gags, ultimately submit half-thought-out compositions, drawings, scenarios, and gags.
We’re trying to go into detail about the failures and successes of the cartoons on an issue-by-issue basis.

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